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About Us

Dr. Markus Köhli Р(right)

With his experience of more than 10 years in the development of particle detectors at the elite universities Freiburg, Bonn and Heidelberg he is an expert in his technology domain, from system design to manufacturing. Within Europe he laid out the foundations of Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing in now more than 20 research papers. He is the author of the most modern full-scale physics simulation in the neutron sector which is used for optimizing instruments and understanding complex interplays in the environment. Furthermore, he invented several patented neutron detection systems. Dry climates. Smart Farming. Resilient Infrastructure. Using our technology up to 30 % of water can be saved in managed irrigation.

Dr. Jannis Weimar – (left)

Working more than 5 years in the field of Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing at the UFZ Leipzig, the University of Innsbruck and at Heidelberg University he acquired a unique skill set of system engineering, electronic design, firmware development, simulation-based modeling and Big Data analysis. Current StyX Neutronica data systems are largely based on the results from his research.