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Our Portfolio

Environmental Measurement Stations

We provide fully equipped outdoor instrumentation for our customers. The capabilities of our measuring stations include soil moisture measurements, weather data, testing and calibration of continuous monitoring systems, as well as ambient air characterization measurements. Installations can include solar panels and batteries for autarkic operation

Proportional Counter Tubes based on Boron-10

Our neutron detectors are based on solid boron-10 proportional counters and are filled with Ar:CO2. The detection efficiency of a single tube can reach 12% with excellent gamma suppression. Spring-suspended wires allow an easy handling.

Large-Scale Neutron Detectors

Our neutron detectors are based on solid boron converter proportional counters.

Proportional Counter Electronics

Our proportional counter readout device with internal high voltage generation, charge sensitive amplifier, and event digitization is optimized for neutron detectors, but is also suitable for all kinds of proportional counter tubes.

Data Logger Electronics

Connect the proportional counter electronics to our data logger to collect neutron events, count rates, histograms, … PLUS the data of a set of high quality environmental sensors (GPS, air pressure, temperature, humidity).

Connect your own environmetal sensors using a SDI-12 interface. Store your measurement data internally, or transmit it via Wifi or GSM modem to your or our data server (see data services).

Customized Neutron Filters

We offer neutron filters and moderators – tailored to your needs. For example, improve your signal to noise ratio in soil moisture measurements using cosmic-ray neutrons by filtering out thermal neutrons.