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The Farming Revolution:
Unlocking the Potential of Precision Agriculture

In the quest for sustainable and efficient farming practices, a revolution is underway – one that promises to transform the way we cultivate our crops and manage our precious water resources. This revolution is driven by the advent of precision agriculture and the groundbreaking advancements in soil moisture measurement technology. At the forefront of this transformation are innovative startups like ours, offering sensors that provide accurate and comprehensive soil moisture data across diverse agricultural landscapes.


Fresh water is one of our most precious resources. StyX Neutronica sensors measure the environmental water content using the novel method of cosmic-ray neutron sensing. With our instruments we help you to analyze the plant available water, estimate irrigation needs and measure snow integrally over several hectares.

Dry climates. Smart Farming. Resilient Infrastructure. Using our technology up to 30 % of water can be saved in managed irrigation.

Why are we unique?


average over 10 hectares and 0.5 m depth


non-invasive sensor installation


maintenance-free and self-sufficient


real time data

How does it work?

The novel non-invasive method CRNS is based on measuring the density of a specific energy band of neutrons, which have been produced in the upper atmosphere and are reflected from the soil. Those neutrons are highly sensitive to changes in environmental water content and provide an average relation inversely proportional to the environmental water content.

The CRNS detector is usually mounted 1 to 2 meters above the ground surface, providing a significant exposure to far-field radiation from albedo neutrons which have further penetrated tens of decimeters through the soil. The neutron count rate is representative of the average root-zone water content in a footprint of up to 18 hectares and 20 cm to 70 cm in depth.

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System S1

Our slim detector kit is best suited for agricultural installations for long-term monitoring of soil moisture on a diurnal scale.

System S2

Our mid-size system offers a good tradeoff between installation size, time resolution and budget.

System SP

Our large sensor installation kit provides the best time resolution, specifically for challenging environments or irrigation management. Both, system S1 and system SP, cover the same measurement area.

Data services

IoT-enabled hardware and interoperable software provide a powerful and efficient monitoring tool. Digital transformation can be complex, expensive and slow. We want to make it easier and faster to integrate our sensors into your workflow, no matter the size of your business.

Mobile units

The footprint of one sensor is around 10 hectares. The non-invasive nature of the methods allows for upscaling the area by mobile soil moisture surveys. With a detector featuring an excellent resolution create a map of water resources.

Our Vision

We enjoy the fruits of our work, living with and inside nature. We believe that our products are significant in transforming our infrastructure into a more sustianable and ecological world. With our focus on interdisciplinary developments we were able to give birth and master a technology at the crossroads of nuclear and particle physics and environmental sciences.

This is where 21st centrury’s leading technologies meet our most original industry and this is also interface between tradition and innovation. We believe that with our products we can improve agricultural production and so the world we live in.
Where and when to irrigate? Spend less and gain more? Let our sensor platform tell you!